Haitian Gold cosmétiques CEO's Skin Care Routine

Jane, Haitian Gold cosmétiques CEO

Hello!  My name is Jane!

Nice to meet you all; you can finally put a face on the brand!

Saw a super interesting post on social media recently, asking about ladies’ secrets to look so amazing. I thought I could just share my own skin care routine with all of you, so here it is:

First of all, I drink a lot of water and I mind my business.

But there’s more to it.

You guessed it: CASTOR OIL.

I use products from my own line Haitian Gold cosmétiques.

I switch every now and then but let me tell you about my favorites of the present moment.

I wash my face every morning with my Curcuma-Miel soap and use my Rose Geranium face cream (ideal for oily skin like mine) for hydration. When it’s sunny out, I’ll also use sunscreen, usually SPF30 or higher.

In the shower I absolutely love Lavish, and also Lavender Love, which are so creamy, perfumed and hydrating. I also use my loofah soaps to exfoliate. Love them for, not only my face, but also for my elbows, knees and heels.

For my hair, I use Haitian Gold Oil (which is my special lwil maskreti) and the Hair & Body Soufflé to achieve my L.O.C method on damp hair.

At night I use my Café-Crème soap to get rid of impurities and then my Rose Geranium cream again.

I use my body scrubs in the shower (since there are two flavors, I alternate) especially on my thighs to soothe my stretch marks and help prevent cellulite on my hips and bum-bum (don’t have a lot but still).

And finally, I use my Charcoal & Sea Salt soap once a week (sometimes twice) to clarify my skin.

Really hope it helps in the choice of your skin care and hair care routine.

Self-care is self-love.